Kompas Images

Good news for Indonesian photojournalism enthusiasts. Kompas recently launched Kompas Images, an image bank website containing works from the photographers of Kompas Gramedia group.

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While the website itself is currently still in beta version with many issues to overcome --for example each photographer page hardly showcases the defining examples of their respective works, and I personally find the images resolution too small to be pleasantly viewed--, I think this is a good step up for the online photojournalism scene in Indonesia. Up until this point, it is very hard to find good resources on Indonesian photojournalism in the internet, be it individual photojournalist works or even any kind of insights and stories regarding photojournalism in general. Personal websites are scarce, good photojournalism blogs are few and far in between (so far I only find Matanesia). It almost seems like good photojournalist is hard to find in Indonesia... though the images in the photobook Mata Hati clearly says otherwise. Hopefully the launch of Kompas Images will change that. Time will tell.

Thanks to Feri Latief for posting this news in his Multiply journal.

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