As I mentioned earlier in past entry, I got some of my photos featured in an article in Drextermagz, a newly published Indonesian Art & Culture PDF Magazine. The article I'm in also features one of my favorite Indonesian street shooters (at least when she's not being lazy ;D) Atik Nursiana and Japanese photographer/DJ Junku Nishimura. Definitely check him out if you haven't already, amazing stuff.

You can download the magazine here. It's obviously in Indonesian, but I suppose people from outside the country can just enjoy the pictures. ;)


tamara said...

gada foto berwarnanya dok?

Sebastian said...

thought anna was spanish because of her dA account saying so :p http://quitelife.deviantart.com/ but no matter where she's frome, she does have good photos.

thanks for the link to the mag, i'll have a close look as soon as i'll find time (sounds busy, huh?) ;)

Wid said...

Awh, shut up :p

She does live in Girona, Spain, at the moment but actually comes from East Java. There was actually a time when we both lived in Jogja but at that time we haven't known each other yet. ^^; http://annaan.multiply.com has more of her photos than her dA gallery.

Wanderer said...

i will echo what my boss always says: keep up the good work Wid