As promised, these are the photos from my first ever self developed roll. I couldn't scan the negs cause I still need them in large strips (I gotta cut them in strips of two or three frames to be able to scan them in my scanner... bummer) to make a contact print later. So these are scanned from prints. Upon seeing them, I think the contrast is good, but just a little bit too much for my taste. I'll try a shorter developing time on my next TMAX 100.

As usual, FM2n with a 50/1.8.

I just *love* this one picture:


That is why I love hitting the streets. You get all kinds of different shit everytime. Sometimes you find them, sometimes you don't. Or perhaps it's not that we find good moments, but rather, they found us.

This one's from Ambarukmo Plaza... I think it's pretty interesting to take pics around the mall, in essence it's not that different from traditional marketplace --you get different activities in various situations, etc. Of course, one problem is to always make sure no security guards are nearby...

Two nights ago went to Pizza Hut to celebrate the birthdays of 5 people from our gang... heh, October is always kinda like the big month of the year for us. But that night was definitely the biggest crowd we've ever gathered. ALL the gang came, PLUS some other people that we invited over. Twenty-something people in total, veeery noisy.

I wish I got the focus right on this one... -_-

Above photos are, of course, D50 + 50/1.8. Before that I also exposed a whole roll of Superia X-tra. A lot of photos from the roll suffers from camera shake... damn. I guess I'm not supposed to push my luck when shooting active people at 1/8 s. :( I'm too lazy to scan the negs or the prints (I printed the whole roll for documentation purpose), but one thing I can tell is the colors are very reddish... The room we were in was dominated by warm colors, but I didn't think it would come out really strong in film. Or perhaps it's one of X-tra's characteristics? I might have to get a cooling filter in the future...

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