My scanner is definitely troubled. I don't know what's exactly wrong with it, but at least I know it's not normal to spend HALF A FRIGGIN DAY just to scan THREE rolls... is it? I won't even get into the quality of the scan.

But anyway, here are some recent negscans I did. All taken with FM2 + 50/1.8. First is from Lucky SHD 100, taken around the studio in archi campus when they were having some group presentation about generating some kind of satellite city around the outer perimeter of Jogja. Or something. Whatever it was, it sure sounded pretty difficult. Looking at all these, I'm kinda glad I won't have to do those bothersome things again. ;p

Next is from Superia X-tra 400. Tried this roll simply for the ASA, but turned out it delivered some pretty nice colors too. I think this is the roll I'll have in my pocket when I want some colors in my film photos. Gotta try another lab for the processing though. Artha sucks. I hope Central's color processing is as good as their B/W, might try there later.

One day we wanted to play basketball in the usual court, waiting for maghrib to come, but there's already people playing and so we were just like sitting there, waiting for them to stop --which just didn't happen.

So we played in another court. When maghrib finally came, we went to get some food... after the usual where-are-we-going-to-eat process, it's settled that we're gonna go to a place called Arto Moro, some grilled chicken restaurant.

I didn't order food since I was saving up money for films... so I just had a bottle of Frestea, and then a bottle of Sprite. And they charged me... Rp6000!? Dude, WTF? How could you charge Rp3000 for a bottle of friggin fresh drink?? You just don't do that, not in some lousy place like yours anyway! Even the outpriced drinks in tourist places don't cost that much. What a dirty rip off. Down on my list of "places I won't go to for some grub". Guess now I know why it's called Arto Moro (-> Arto = money, Moro = come). Heh.

Also did some street with the X-tra.

And then the journey continued with a Neopan.

This roll was supposed to be the roll that would be used in my developing practice, but the teacher came up late so the practice was postponed to next Friday. Couldn't wait that long to see the result, so I took it to the lab. I personally love the second to last shot, though the focus is a bit off. :)

That's all for now, hope you're all well!


Sasha Xaphie said...

dok,,makasi yaa... sudah dicandidke BS..dok,, dia kan sekarang dah ganti style... A-Dis kan sekarang dia (Adis = Anak Distro) bayangin dok,, kalo ntar abis dia pulang basamo ini,, misal dia ganti style jadi cowok metro gimana ya dok? aku ilfil ra yo?? hehehehe...

Wid said...

Sasha: Ah selama tetep tampan paling kowe yo sih seneng. ;p