So here are some of the photos from my first visit in Bringharjo market. I brought both digital and analog with me, but ended up only using digital that day due to the lighting condition. Having loaded an ASA 100 film in the analog, there's no way I could capture the scenes inside the market without the risk of shake. Next time I'll bring a faster film, perhaps an X-tra or even a TMAX 400 if I got the money.

The market itself is a nice place full of opportunity and endless possibilities. It's much bigger than Ngasem, not to mention there are more activities to be found. Also, what I noticed was the richer colors of the place, which makes the market a good practicing ground for color photos. I think Bringharjo's a good step-up from my previous sessions in Ngasem. Looking forward to my next session there!

All photos taken with D50 and 50/1.8. The rest of the photos can be viewed here. :)

Should have made the above pic slower... 1/15 s would've made it a kicker, I suppose.

A few nights ago went eating with some friends, gotta be my first dish of fried rice after a looong while. Didn't really enjoy it though, it was too spicy for my taste. :( D50 + 50/1.8, 1/8 s at f/1.8 in ISO 1600... quite the dark place, it was. o.O

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