Last Sunday I went to Prambanan temple with school friends to shoot Tawur Kesanga, a ceremony before the day of Nyepi (Day of Silence, the new year of Balinese Hindu). Only brought the D50 with me, I'm currently too broke to afford films. :(

Since it's a cultural ceremony, it's only normal to see so many photographers --serious photojournalists and hobbyists alike-- around the place to cover the event. But you guys knowing my style... could already guess that I was more interested in the totally random scenes I found instead of the ceremony itself. ;)

Besides, we got there 2 hours too early anyway, so we got some time to fiddle around the temple before the ceremony started. Anyway, on to the photos:

Don't usually do that kind of shadow self-portrait, but I couldn't resist.

My school friend, Very. If this were on film I'd try to print this at grad 4 or heck, 5.

Yet another shadow self-portrait. It's getting pretty addictive.

There were some school kids on study tour that morning. ...Still with my shadow. :o Last one of these, I promise.

....Perhaps not. Btw the only people here is me and a friend of mine, frame left. The other shadows are temple ornaments.

Which one do you like better? It was a clear blue sky morning, just had to take these. Also looks pretty good in colors, but I like the b/w better.

On the way to the ceremony ground:

And some random scenes around the ceremony ground:

....yeah, me being a retard.

Some panning actions!

A dancer helping another fellow dancer fixing his make-ups.

And to end this entry... kids! Hope this finds you all well!

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