The rest of the pics from Sekaten fair with Dinto... as usual FM2n + 50/1.8, film was expired Ilford Delta 400 normal which Dinto gave me. Lab's negscans. This roll is... catastrophic, to say the least. Perhaps because it's expired (fungi?), but I really don't know. Most of the frames on the negs have this kind of scratch pattern all over them. And to think I *really* love some of these. Blargh.

Allow me to share the pain. And btw, there's gonna be lotsa pics in this entry. Embrace yourself. :o

Still not visible in this frame. After I shot this I realized the shopkeeper had been keeping an eye of me. I got away with a smile and a nod.

Aah, there you go. Pretty scratches. Notice the cute light leaks on the top frame too. Very nice.

Even more scratches, hurray. Perhaps I could get away by saying that they're ART.

These ones aren't that bad... but they're nothing special too.

Didn't think this one would turn out. Kinda like it. Yeah, the boy's not too sharp but I'm happy enough I got this panning shot in film. ;) It's the same boy as the one in the last frame in my previous entry.

After that a friend of mine was going to borrow the FM2, so I took out the roll halfway and kept it for later on.

When I got it back, I forgot to bring that roll, so instead I got the Neopan SS 100 loaded. As usual exposed at 400. Made some random frames that are too meaningless to be displayed here. Then the usual guys invited me to tag along to the fair again. Good chance to get the mood of the crowd I thought, since the last time Dinto and I went there there's barely people around. Brought the Ilford to finish it. These are the Neopan:

Medwin's garage way. His home's like... just a minute walk from the city square where the fair is. Thanks to him, we didn't have to pay for entry tickets --which is kinda ridiculous anyway.

Toy boats vendor. Kinda brought back old memory, most of us used to play these boats when we were kids... it's interesting to note that the design of the boat hasn't changed even one bit after all these years. Most likely it got something to do with the lack of creativity on the maker part, but on the same time it makes them memorable items.

Say hi to Putra! I haven't made that many pictures of him, this one's rather nice. Gonna try to print this later.

The ferris wheels in this fair are kinda scary... they move a bit too fast, if you ask me. :o

Sasha and Mita. Girls love balls. Meatballs. Mmmm. Gee that sounds dirty. Anyway, perhaps I should have positioned the meatball Sasha's holding so it would cover her right eye... could be more interesting that way. Gonna print this too later.

This one is my favorite from that day!

It seems these skull/skeleton keychains are on the trend lately. Seen them everywhere.

Finished the Neopan, back to Ilford. Or should I say back to the disaster. Of course at that moment I wouldn't know.

Yet another toy boats vendor. There's a lot of these in every corner of the fair. Mita bought some for her nephew here. And probably for herself too, since she admitted she never played any of these toy boats as a child..... it's shocking, really. How could you, Mit? *Everyone* should have had this toy at one time in their life as a kid. :o

...Look at that horror. I want to fucking kill myself. :| Tried to remove those nasty scratches in PS, but it makes it look weird. I'm gonna try again later, I like this frame...

.....and this one too. Grrr.

Cheap clothes, the ones which colors would start to fade after just a few washes.

Should have made him look at the camera, the lights were pretty good. The scratches were not. :|

Speaking of good light, sometimes you got so excited finding a nice light source as this one that you forgot to think about anything else... this spot got potentials, but I wasn't patient enough to explore it... made it kinda dull. Hope this old man would still be there when I go there again.

And that concludes the visit to the fair.

Random leftovers:

ART STUFF. Dunno why I took these trees... the battery ran out so I pretty much guessed the exposure here.

Someone brought this to campus. Looking good from the outside, but the metering wasn't working anymore and the viewfinder was so dirty I couldn't see shit. But still, nice. I was particularly amused by the place of the shutter... never seen that design before. Kinda nifty.

Speaking of vintage analog cameras, Mita's dad wanted to sell his Nikon FM with a 50/1.4 and he asked me to sell it for him since he didn't know how much it's worth today. The pretty little thing is currently on my care... except for the dirty finder, it's still working just fine. Tried it out last Sunday in a dog show, can't wait to see the results!

And for the last frame today...


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