Yet another set from the Sekaten fair. This time going with the guys from the architecture campus who take photography class this semester. I was mostly walking around by myself though, since I don't really fancy shooting around too much people who also hold camera on their hands. Nothing personal, I just hate getting spotted more often. ;) I wonder if I should go to the fair again, it's gonna be over this weekend... then I have to wait for another year to see a fair this big.

But anyway...

I don't feel like writing much in this entry, so just try to enjoy the pics! :)

All photos by FM2n + 50/1.8 + TMAX 400 normal. The most expensive BW film in town, it's considered a luxury to use this film here, haha. Bought two of these, and consequently getting broke after it. ;p

An example of a lousy timing after prefocusing... kinda too bad, I like this frame.

Dunno why I took this. ART stuff. I think.

Remember this guy? I didn't either, at least not until after I took this frame. He took out his glasses from his pocket, put it on, and I only realized then that he was the funky cig vendor I met in Ngasem. Pretty cool, I talked with him for a while afterwards. Gonna give a print of this to him later. :)

No, it's not a hail. ;p He's inviting people to get on an amusement ride he's working in.

Aand... that's it for now. Take care, you all!

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bukukecil said...

Sekaten fair, someday aku harus pergi liat... but why you didn't capture in color ?