This entry will be mostly about dogs. Not Elliott Erwitt's kind of dog shots (I wish!), these are just a couple of snapshots taken on some event called Jogja Dog's Day 2 about 3 weeks ago...

Anyway, all photos by Nikon FM + 50/1.4 + Superia X-tra 400.

...Wait wait, isn't that a different setup than the one I usually use? Well, yeah. See, I was asked by Mita's dad (A very nice man, btw) to sell his old camera, which happened to be a beautiful black FM with a 50mm f/1.4 MF, both still in a very good condition albeit the body had gotten dirt inside the pentaprism. I could just put it to some camera shop to clean the prism, but this baby is just pretty darn irresistible. So I took it out for a walk, and considering the time it had spent inside a jar (seriously, with like, 4 or 5 lens.....) I was pretty impressed by the results it delivered.

The FM feels pretty much like the FM2, though the maximal speed of 1/1000th sometimes get in the way when you wanna make shallow DOF in bright daylight (compared to max speed of 1/4000th in the FM2) . It also lacks a multiple exposure lever present in FM2, but most people don't use it anyway.

There was some terrible disaster though concerning this camera... more on that later.

Anyway, where was I? right, dogs photos.

Hipshot. I like all the little details in this frame.


My friend Tommy, with someone's pup.

Camera geeking with Mita. Shooting daylight film in a yellowish interior wasn't really a good idea...

As you can see, the lens is still really sharp. Haven't tested it wide open though. The colors are off in some frames, but I think it's just me being a retard and overexposed them, and I'm too lazy to correct the color balance.

And about the disaster mentioned earlier... See, I accidentally dropped my bag from a table. With the FM inside. Ouch. The first thing I noticed was the advance lever which got loose. Ouch. Just a couple of days ago I brought it to a camera shop to get it repaired, only to find out that aperture blades of the lens were not working either. Ouch. It would seem that I trashed it big time. :-s They said it was gonna take about 2 weeks to get it all done. Sure hope everything will be working properly again. *crosses fingers*

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