Yesterday I went to a contemporary photography exhibition from the Netherlands, entitled Dutch Dare. Didn't go alone, I asked Sasha to come along with me. Well, more like forced her actually. We originally planned to go there in Friday, but the shitty weather got in the way... the plan was postponed two times already, so yeah I got kinda pushy. Sorry Sha. :p

Anyway, it was fantastic. Probably the best exhibition I've seen since the late Kartono Riyadi's photojournalistic works nearly a year ago. There were around 12 Dutch photographers participating in this exhibition, each exploring a different theme. Some of them I really dig. After I went home I searched their names on the net and found some interesting links. I'll list 'em on the last part of this entry.

One of my favorite photos from that exhibition. "Still Life Milk" by Elspeth Diederix.

Osama watches you! This T-shirt was part of the exhibition, along with other torn up shirts who originally belong to Papuan people, though the garments themselves were given by outsiders. The portraits of the original wearers of these shirts were the subjects of a series done by one of the photographers, Roy Villevoye.

There weren't many people in the gallery, I liked it.

Anyway, here are a few links of some of the photographers involved in this exhibitions that I found interesting.

Marnix Goossens
Check out his "Regarding Nature" and "Super Natural" series!

Elspeth Diederix
.....I really don't know how to describe this lady's works. Just check it out, I'm sure you will find some unusual beauties.

Gerco de Ruijter
Aerial photographs using kites. You guys having the hots for shapes, colors, patterns and textures will love his images.

Hans van der Meer
This guy... makes photos that mix landscapes photography and sport photography (more specifically, football). As weird as that sounds, it really is so, and it's actually pretty cool. He manages to capture the essences of both genres and present it in a single frame without making neither of them lost its individual charm. You can adore the compositions and the view of the landscapes (where the football players amusingly become a part of the visual elements), yet at the same time you could also see that there's indeed an interesting moment happening within the sport context of that particular frame. If that hasn't floored you yet, dig this: he did it with a fucking view camera.

Gert jan Kocken

He photographs places in which a tragedy happened in the past. There are rarely signs of the tragedies themselves in the photographs, we only know about it from the captions of the photos, but this actually makes these photos feel really eerie. Can't find his personal website, seems like he's in some group called Solar Photography. Some of the names found above are also on this group, do check out the rest of the names.

Hope you will find some of those links interesting as well!

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